Thursday, January 26, 2017

Psalm 26 - Do Bad Things Happen to Good People

Psalm 26 doesn't really ask the question, "Do bad things happen to good people?" but it kind of answers the question.

Look what David said:

He has lead a blameless life, trusted in the LORD without faltering, doesn't sit with the deceitful, and he keeps going, telling God how he is living a life that is pleasing to God.

But he's saying all of this because he's obviously in trouble. He's asking God to vindicate him (v.1), to deliver him and be merciful (v.11).

It is typical for people to think that if someone has troubles it is because they are sinners. (And granted, many people's troubles are consequences for bad and sinful decisions.) But in reality, troubles can come for many reasons. We live in a broken world. Disease and accidents, sinful people who cross our paths and natural disasters all can affect our lives in negative ways. Or I suppose you could be the king of some country and have enemies and even your own son after your life.....

So.... what do you do when you find yourself in trouble, attacked without reason, all of your appliances break on the same day, you face a dreadful disease? Here's what I see from this psalm.

  1. It's OK to plead your case to God. Tell Him that you're living (or trying to live) a godly life and follow Him. 
  2. Love God's house. I can't tell you how many people over the years drop out of church because they feel like God has abandoned them or not answered a prayer the way they thought He should.
  3. Remember God's unfailing love and rely on His faithfulness.
  4. Keep leading a blameless life as you wait on God's deliverance and mercy.
  5. Praise the LORD in the great congregation (the one you're a part of.)
Looks like a good way to live your life.

Bottom line:
Ummmm, I started adding the "bottom line" when I had posted some long-winded posts. The bottom line for this post is the five points above. That's the easy part. the difficult part is to actually live that way. Can't always follow them? Practice. You'll get better.

I have a picture to put here, but it's too big my incredibly slow internet I have at my house.

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