Thursday, January 19, 2017

Psalm 19 - Three in One

Psalm 19 is one of my favorites. It is written with beautiful imagery and speaks wonderfully to three different thoughts. It's like getting three mini sermons in one.

It begins by pointing out how the heavens declare God's glory. vs.1-6 Even without words the speak of Him. All the wonder and superlatives that man can use to describe the heavens barely begin to compare with how they, in turn, tell of God's glory.

The second section, vs. 7-11 describes God's Word. His Word (law, precepts, statutes, commands, decrees) is described as being perfect, trustworthy, right, radiant, enduring forever, firm, righteous, more precious than gold and sweeter than honey.

His Word has these benefits.

  • refreshes the soul
  • makes wise the simple
  • gives joy to the heart
  • gives light to the eyes
  • warns God's servants
  • and in keeping them there is great reward

The third part, vs. 11-14 (I know. I put 11 in parts 2 and 3) is a prayer about sin and is a good three part model for us to follow. David first states that a person can't always see his own faults, so he asks God to forgive him of his hidden sins. Then he asks God to protect him from willful sins. You know the kind. You face a temptation - something you shouldn't do - but in your sinfulness you decide to jump right in anyway. Last, he confesses his desire for his words and his thoughts to be pleasing to God.

At first look this is three separate psalms put into one, but they actually connect well. This psalm is the story of redemption!
  1. God reveals Himself to man. 
  2. God's word shows man that he is a sinner. 
  3. Man confesses his sin and trusts God to be his redeemer.  
Bottom line:
God invites us to be a part of His redemption story. Where are you in this story line? Part 1 - God is revealing Himself to you? Part 2 - God's Word is teaching you and showing you that you are a sinner in need of a Savior? Part 3 - You've confessed your sin and asked Jesus to be your Lord and Savior?

Another bottom line:
After a person is saved he/she should join in with the heavens in declaring how glorious God is.
The benefits of knowing, trusting in, meditating on God's Word are even more wonderful once you know God in a personal relationship through Jesus.
And third, you should continue to confess your sin and ask God to keep you from willful sins. (and praise Him as your Redeemer)

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