Saturday, January 21, 2017

Psalm 21 - Rejoice with Singing and Praise

We can't totally relate to what David is saying in Psalm 21. We aren't kings and queens. We don't have an entire nation watching us to see what God is doing in our lives.

But we can relate if we think about the blessings that God pours out on us. As joint heirs with Christ we are His children. Romans 8:17 Morning by morning new mercies we see. Lamentations 3:22-23

If you'll take some time and reflect on all that God has done in your life then you can join in with David in your response.

  • Joy in God's strength v.1
  • Greatly rejoice in God's victory v.1
  • Cheered with joy in God's presence v.6
  • Sing v.13
  • and Praise God's might v.13

Bottom line:
You may not be a king, but you still have a lot of reasons to praise God. When you notice all of the blessings in your life you'll be filled with joy - most importantly, the joy of His presence.
Then you won't be able to help yourself. You'll join the saints through the ages who have echoed David's words and you'll sing and praise His power.

Be exalted, O LORD , in Your strength; 
We will sing and praise Your power.

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