Tuesday, May 15, 2012

150 Days of Psalms - Psalm 136

Here is a great idea (if I say so myself) for a time of family worship. Well, actually, it would work in a Life Group (Sunday School class) a worship service, for a personal devotion time, etc. but I think it's perfect for a mom and dad and kids to do together.

First, read Psalm 136 together (you might stop before the hurling and slaughtering parts if you have young kids) Notice how after each phrase you see - depending on your translation - "His love endures forever" (Holman Christian Standard) or "For His lovingkindness is everlasting" (New American Standard) or "for his mercy endureth forever" King James Version.

So after you've read about the Lord making the moon and stars and His goodness have each person say their own phrase of something wonderful God has created and the others reply "His loves endures forever."

God provides us with abundant food
His loves endures forever
God makes the roses and iris to grow
His love endures forever
God provided for us when we were out of work
His love endures forever
God gave us strength when we were fighting sickness
His love endures forever
God made the birds
His love endures forever
And snakes and frogs
His love endures forever

You get the idea.

And you can turn it into an art project/worship project. Cut up magazines or draw your own pictures, make a collage or a set of pictures, sculpt something out of clay (or playdough) then write, paint, color or draw "His loves endures forever" on your art.

Then you can end your worship time singing along with Michael W. Smith

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Phyllis Hobson said...

I love the repetition of the Psalm, "His love endures forever" (or however it may be translated). I think that some of the phrases mentioned are things that are temporal, of ways that God looks out for us here. But it is all couched in God's love enduring forever. We give thanks, we praise God, we remember all He did for Israel and all He will do for us all hinging on God's eternal love and mercy to us.

Thank you God!