Sunday, March 26, 2017

Psalm 85 - When God Blesses a Nation

What does that mean to you? We sing "God bless America" and other patriotic songs that mention God. Many religious leaders jumped on the Trump train to make America great again - asking God to bless us again.

But what does that look like? Everyone getting a pay raise? Our trade deficit going away? Creating hundreds of thousand of new jobs? Having politicians that do what we want them to do? having an Army that can beat ISIS and anyone else that threatens the American dream?

The psalmists (sons of Korah) tell us that God showed them favor and restored their fortunes, forgave and covered their sins, and set aside His anger. But apparently that was in the past because now they are asking God to restore and revive them again. They wanted to see His unfailing love and His salvation.

They were ready and willing to do these things.

  • They asked.
  • They listened.
  • They would not turn to folly.
  • They would fear Him.
Here is how God would bless them.
  • 10 Love and faithfulness meet together; 
  • righteousness and peace kiss each other. 
  • 11 Faithfulness springs forth from the earth,
  •  and righteousness looks down from heaven. 
  • 12 The LORD will indeed give what is good, 
  • and our land will yield its harvest. does that line up with your thoughts about God blessing America?
Are we willing to ask then listen? Will we turn from our folly? (And I'm talking about the Christians.) Will we fear Him? (Which means we follow His commands.)

We need to pray that God will restore and revive us (Christians) again and that our nation would return to Him. It will be easier to reach the rest of the nation when we are living the way we should. 
      Just thinking out loud.....

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