Sunday, March 12, 2017

Psalm 71 - Random Thoughts

I need to blog something about Psalm 71 but my day started early. Not only did we lose an hour of sleep (I tried to go to bed early) but then we had deacons' meeting at 7:00 which means I got to church at 6:30 to get things ready for worship. Not complaining, just explaining.

Now, Aaron and Melissa and Cheryl and I are visiting.... so.... I'm going to read Psalm 71 to them and post our random thoughts. I won't put our names next to what we say - you know, to protect the innocent or guilty or whatever..... hahahaha.

First eight verses.

God is my rock.

My praise is always about Him.

Trust is built on a relationship.

It is through God's strength and protection that we are examples for others.

Verses 9-14

Our hope is in the Lord. He doesn't leave us.

We can always bring our worries and struggles to God and ask Him for help.

We always need His help - even in our old age.

Verses 15-24

God is always faithful.

I will always praise Him, sing, play instruments - because He has ransomed me and His deeds are righteous.

It's important to share your faith and teach the next generation.

God is always with us even in hard times and struggles.

God is our comfort.

My thoughts.
When we are young we need to pay attention to what God is doing in our lives - how even from the day we were born God takes care of us. When we are older we need to remember what He did in earlier times and share with those younger than us. They need to hear us praising God and know the reasons behind our praise so they will praise Him too.

In other words, that's a long way to say "One generation declares your works to another." Psalm 145:4.

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