Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Psalm 74 - Opposites Have You Covered

What struck me as I was reading Psalm 74 was how the psalmist describes God using opposites.

You split open the sea - You fed the sea monster to the desert creatures.
You open up springs and streams - You dry up ever-flowing rivers.
You rule the day - and the night.
You established the sun - and the moon.
You created summer - and winter.
I like this even though they spelled desert wrong. 

To me, today, this shows how God is above everything, in control of everything, can do anything. The opposites show that He is not limited to just one thing or the other.

Knowing that should give us great comfort and hope.
Do you have problems or trials? Don't think that God is limited to how you see a solution. If He can cause springs to come forth and dry up rivers that have always flowed he can take care of you in any number of ways. You may need a new spring. You may need a river to dry up. He can do and does both - either. I hope you're catching what I"m trying to say. I don't feel like I'm using enough words. But on the other hand. I like to give examples that aren't too specific because I think it is important that you fill in the blanks with your own situation. Sometimes when a preacher or someone gives a specific example of a sin, or an answer to prayer, or whatever.... the listener/reader only sees that one example. If I give you just the principle behind something, then it is my prayer that  you can apply that principle to your own life and your own situation.

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