Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Racquetball with Kevin

I don't normally - well, I suppose I have never - blogged about a raquetball game. And I wouldn't today, except I got this phone call late last night. (We go to bed early on Bear Hollow.) and this somewhat ominous voice on the other end said, "10 hours and then you're goin' down." I of course just laughed, "ha!, that's what you think" but the voice on the other end kept up the trash talk. Then the whole family joined in. (What I didn't realize at the time was that the family was actually trash talking the son, but they will have to work that out themselves.)

So, he said, "7:00. The last time you slept in and missed the game." I thought about it and remembered that I had to drive my lovely wife to work (downtown Nashville) and the traffic was a bit heavy and so I was running a little bit behind and the third player that morning said, "then let's just play another day."

So I brought my camera this morning. (You should never mess with someone who has both a camera and a blog.)

Notice - 7:00 - no Kevin. (I did find out later that the clock is a little fast, but that takes the fun out of the story to admit that.)

Here he is coming in.

Here he is in the court.
I guess I should have had someone take a picture, because the time I served the ball and then tried to take a picture I got this.

We played some good games.

The racquetball league is going strong at the FLC. Stop by almost any evening and watch the play for a bit. It's fun.
In fact, there are many great activities going on there all the time. Check out the great schedule of activities and join right in.


R Lyndel Littleton said...

I should point out that all the other boys we talked to about playing all wimped out of coming early.

Roger said...

So who won the game!!