Thursday, July 17, 2008

Preparations for the Adventure

If you've just tuned in, you might want to read this previous post before you read this one.

I was never a Boy Scout, but I was a Cub Scout for a year or so. And I've heard the boy Scout motto all my life: Be Prepared!

For an ENTIRE day before a colonoscopy all you can drink is clear liquids. Fortunately colas (ie. Pepsi) are considered a "clear" liquid. So I gathered up a supply of drinks.

I know water would be good for me, (and I will drink some) but I need the calories. (You all may not have noticed this, but I have very little body fat to fall back on. In fact, that's my only concern about this little adventure. If I lose a few pounds it might take a while to get them back.) (Please don't hate me.)

At noon I got to drink an entire bottle of Magnesium something or the other. I'm smiling here because I hadn't drunk it yet.
Actually, it wasn't horrible. The only bad part was having to drink 10 oz. of something all at once. (Ask Bro. Tony how long it takes me to drink a shake from chick-fil-A.) I was pleasantly surprised when there was a fizzzzzzing noise when I unscrewed the lid. It has a bit of a lemon-lime taste. It took it about an hour before the first hit. Now I take breaks from my blogging...

Final preparations.

No explanation needed.

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