Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stained-glass Class Update

We needed a third night to finish our stained-glass panels. If you've been following along, you know that we are making lovely little windows of a cross. Our students picked some beautiful color combinations and have learned so far how to cut glass, cut lead and put the window together. Last Monday I was headed to the FLC for our last class when I remembered that my camera was on my desk. So I headed over to the office building.

(For our readers around the country - and the world - our office and main campus buildings are about 5 miles or so from our new Family Life Center.)

So I rushed into my office. (Cheryl will have to tell you the story of the manager she was dealing with at work that made us late.) "Oh, look! There are some of my tools. I'll need them. Oh, look! There's the bag with the masks. I'm glad I saw them. Oh good! There are those extension cords." and I hurried out to the car so I could get to the FLC and get things set up for class.

Did you notice in that little paragraph above me saying, "Ah! There's my camera. I'll get some great pictures tonight of our finished projects."?

So the pictures in this post are crosses I have made. I'll have my students send me pictures of their pieces. But we had a few that couldn't make it last Monday, so when we get together to finish their work I'll get pictures.... I hope.

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