Monday, July 28, 2008

Fine Arts Camp - Day 1

We had a great start to our Fine Arts Camp. We had 16 kids and 4 teenage helpers and 2 lead teachers. Kristi tuaght Art and I taught Stomp. Next year we will add drama and puppets and dance.

We began the day all together in the art room. We talked about God and creation. Then we broke into our two groups - Stomp and Art. At 10:30 we had a nice break with lemonaide and cookies.

In Stomp we learned how to read some rythms and practiced first by drumming on the floor. Then we got our earplugs and trashcans and buckets and MADE SOME NOISE! It was a lot of fun. We also watched some clips from the Stomp DVD. Awesome stuff to see!

Then we went outside and practiced a short routine. It was hot and really bright in the sun so we are all probably squinting in these pictures. Then we went down by the art class windows and performed for them.

After our Stomp performance we went back to the art room and the art students told us about all of the things they studied.
The art class learned about a lot of great "art" things, like form and lines and color and value and well, just look here at the list.

They are working on several projects at once. They are also talking about the days of creation and making a group project/mural of the creation story.
Here are some of their projects.

It was a great day!

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