Friday, July 18, 2008

An Adventure's Exciting Ending - Hahaha

Ha ha ha. No pun was intended.

So since the whole point of my blogging the last day was to encourage all of my older readers, I figure I need to finish the story. If you have missed the beginning of my adventure you'll want to read some earlier posts.

So Cheryl and I headed out to the Endoscopy Clinic this morning. (Dr. Carnes. I really liked him and his staff. Heritage Medical Center, Downtown Nashville)

When we enter the doctor's office there is a large waiting room filled with old, hungry people. (At least that's how they appeared to me) "Darn!" I thought, "I'm an old hungry person!"

Cheryl made me leave my camera in the car. But I did want to take a picture of the sign on the wall "In respect for our patients, please no food or drink" Ha! It's for your own safety. You could see that "I'd kill for a Big Mac" look in everyone's eyes.

After they called me back the first thing they wanted was my weight. "Well it's a whole lot less than yesterday" was my response.

After taking vital signs the next instructions were to take off everything but my socks and put on the gown - "open to the back and don't tie it." I figured that was part of the deal.

As they were wheeling me down to the exam room I told the ladies I was blogging about my whole experience. They seemed very excited and told me their names. (I wish I could remember them.) They did want to know for sure that I was going to say nice things. I said I was because I want to encourage others to follow suit. All of the people there were extra nice.

Next was an intravenous sedative. Well, some of my readers know this - and now I guess you all will. When I want to get a good 8 hours of sleep I take a half dose of Benydryl. A HALF DOSE = 8 good hours of sleep. I told the lady that I didn't like to wake up after I've had this kind of stuff. She said I would be alright. easy for her to say.

That's all I remember.

Cheryl said I told her - as I was waking up - that I had told her 4 times what my blood pressure was and how I was surprised at the numbers. I also - so she says - told her at least four times that I told the nurses I was blogging about the whole deal. She also says the Dr. came in and talked to us. Hmmmmm, I guess I should have videoed 'cause I sure don't remember seeing him afterwards. I don't remember the nurse coming in either. I just wanted to lie back down and sleep and Cheryl said they were making us leave. Mean!

I guess Cheryl dressed me since I had clothes on when I was in the car. I don't really remember walking to the car. (I only sort of remember being in the car.) Cheryl said we took the elevator down to the entrance and then she put me on a bench while she went to get the car. I suppose anyone could have picked me up - not that they would have wanted to take an old guy, mostly asleep, with a queasy stomach, who didn't even know he was outside. I told her I was sick at my stomach and she went back in for a wet paper towel. I guess it's good that I didn't realize I was sitting out - asleep - on a bench by myself. I might have started walking around looking for Cheryl ending up out in the street.

The end of a long story. (Hahaha, another pun.) Dr. Carnes said I had one polyp and it came off easily. I don't know how they do that. Don't really need or want to. (Polyps can turn into cancer, so you get rid of them while you're already in there.) And he said that it looked OK but that they have to send it off to be sure. And since I had a polyp I have to come back in 5 years instead of 10.

So - there you have it. Colon cancer is the second most common cancer in the West and kills over 250,000 people a year, but no one wants to talk about it since it is yucky getting ready for a colonoscopy. But it is easy to do and if you are over 50 you need one. So quit whining about it and call your Dr. and schedule one. You may have a polyp too.

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Phyllis Hobson said...

I had to go through the same thing a while back, so I totally sympathize with you. Two funny things about mine, I first wanted to know if I could eat immediately afterward or if I had to wait (they said yes, I could eat right after, and since it was at Baptist Hospital I hit up Krispy Kreme Doughnuts as soon I was done with the tests). The second thing was they told me to have someone there right after when the doctor speaks to me, because "you'll have a short-term memory loss." They were right! I couldn't remember anything, but Jerry was there to listen to it all. He neglected to pass along the information that you aren't suppose to take aspirin for two weeks after the tests, and I saw it a week later on a release form he had signed. Thankfully I had no headaches during that week....

Loved your comments overall, and the importance of taking care of ourselves.