Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Thoughts for the End of May

Here is a link to some pictures from the FLC's grand Grand Opening.

They were taken by Gary Violette.

Sunday's anthem - should have been 'Ole Aloha Me Ko Iesü Lä (There is no love like that of Jesus) (2001) by Robert M. Mondoy
You'll understand why when you see the Sanctuary.
But instead it will be Forever I'll Praise You with our very own Mark Black singing the solo.

I need your help in recruiting new choir members for the 10:30 service. New Life Group teaching schedules for the new year (begins this Sunday) have some who used to sing both services only singing the first service.

Check yesterday's post on Summer Arts and see if you or a friend might be interested in signing up for a class. Part of the reason for it is to give all of us a chance to be creative, but a big part of it is to reach out to people not involved in church. It's a bridge to the community.

Monet's "The Japanese Footbridge" 1899


Anonymous said...

The link to the FLC pics doesn't work. The page is there but the pics didn't come through.

R Lyndel Littleton said...

I think the site the link takes you to is down or overloaded at times. It didn't work for me the first few times I tried.