Monday, February 27, 2017

Psalm 58 - Imprecatory Psalms

Psalm 58 is one of the psalms that are called "Imprecatory Psalms." What is an Imprecatory Psalm? Basically it is a Psalm that calls down a curse on someone. Oh! Is that what you were expecting to read?

 Since I've had cough medicine today my brain isn't thinking fast enough to write well about imprecatory Psalms. However, I found a really good article/post from John Piper with a great explanation.
Do I Not Hate Those Who Hate You, O Lord?

I'll be honest. My cough medicine just wants me to take a nap. I'm having a very difficult time deciding what I can blog about this psalm. I would just suggest that you read the John Piper article.

But I keep coming back to this one thing.
There are a lot of not-so-nice things that David asks God to do to his enemies in this psalm. But I think this one is kind of funny (in comparison to dipping your feet in the blood of the wicked)

8 May they be like a slug that melts away as it moves along,

It's probably just the cough meds, but I think that's a funny imprecation. 

I suppose at the beginning of this challenge to read a Psalm a Day for 150 Days I didn't say I would blog something profound every day, just that I would blog my thoughts each day. So.... I guess these are my thoughts today. Ha! If you want to read deeper thoughts check out the John Piper article.

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