Sunday, February 5, 2017

Psalm 36

Psalm 36 begins with a description of the sinfulness of the wicked. Apparently the wicked have been the same for thousands of years because it could be written today. It's easy to see people that meet this description now - and they're proud of it!

Compare that to God's incredible love that reaches to the heavens!

I think the thing to take away from this Psalm today - at least for me - is to not get bogged down or discouraged by the wickedness around us - around the world. Why? Because God's love and faithfulness are so much greater. His righteousness and justice are greater than the wickedness of the world.

Bottom line:
It's easy to get in the mode of cursing the darkness. There's so much of it! If instead we would focus on God's love, faithfulness, righteousness and justice - and live our lives in love, faithfulness, righteousness and justice. We will make a difference in the world and God will use us to push back the darkness.

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