Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Psalm 45 - The Wedding of the King

Psalm 45 is the song of a wedding celebration. Jesus Christ is the King. We, the church, are His bride.

Now read verses 1-7 again. Do you see how well they describe Jesus?

  • the most excellent
  • lips anointed with grace
  • God has blessed you forever
  • the mighty one girded with a sword
  • clothed with splendor and majesty
  • victorious in the cause of truth, humility and justice 
  • throne will last forever and ever
  • a scepter of justice rules the kingdom
  • He loves righteousness and hates wickedness
  • anointed with the oil of joy
an English window quoting Psalm 45

And this is information about the bride (the church) .... how the bride is described and instructions for the bride.
  • at the King's right hand (the place of honor)
  • dressed in fine gold
  • forget your people and your father's house (forget your old way of life)
  • let the King be enthralled with your beauty (live life in a beautiful, God-pleasing way)
  • all glorious is the princess in her chamber (God makes the church beautiful as the bride of Christ)
  • the bride will be led into the King's presence with joy and gladness
So there you have it, (I may have missed some points. :-) ) a description of Jesus our King and us, the church.

Bottom line:
Most of what we are as the bride (the church) has been done for us by Christ. He puts us in a place of honor, dresses us in gold, leads us into His presence with joy. But we have a part too. We need to forget about our old way of life and live in a manner that will please our King where He is enthralled with our beauty.

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