Monday, July 27, 2009

New Schedule

Have we mentioned the new schedule? Or better, I should ask, Have you paid attention to the fact that beginning THIS COMING SUNDAY we have a new schedule at Hilldale?

(We actually had someone call up here last week and complain that we hadn't told anyone about the new schedule.)

You may have noticed on the cover of this month's newsletter and in every bulletin for the last few weeks and announced more than once each of the last few weeks...


On Sundays

8:30 - we will have a worship service, a children's worship service and LifeGroups (formerly known as Sunday School classes).

9:45 - LifeGroups and worship at the main campus, LifeGroups at the FLC

11:00 - worship at the FLC

On a totally different note...

It was on this date in 1940 that Bugs Bunny made his debut.
If I had known earlier I would have worn one of my many Bugs Bunny ties today. I guess I'll wear one Wednesday to choir.

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