Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Latest from ESPN

The latest news from ESPN - Essential Singing Partner's Network.

The exciting ice cream contest took a little turn last night as the Sopranos turned out in force for Wednesday night rehearsal. With twenty present they gained considerably on the presumptive winners of the contest - the Altos. The Altos have racked up big points in the past with their large numbers and knack for inviting new members. But last night had many Altos out for various reasons and they garnered a low 120 points compared the the Sopranos' 200.

The Men also had a good showing last night. With the Tenors and Basses each having eight present the Men came in second last night with 160 points.

Bro. Tim gained a scoop of ice cream for his one man team with one invitee in attendance. Rumor has it that five more of his invitees are scheduled to be in attendance next Wednesday night!

Here is a little opera one of the Altos found that she suggested we sing.

With last night's attendance tightening the race it truly is any section's contest to win. Don't forget that double points are possible on Sundays as Ice Cream contestants can sing in both services. Tune in next Monday for the latest results.

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Ruth said...

Go Altos! From an Arkansas Fan