Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making Stained-glass Windows

A couple of weeks ago I posted our first night of stained-glass window making. Making Windows Day 1

The second week I forgot to use my camera. I had it with me - or at least in my car - but we were so busy working that I didn't think to stop and take some pictures.

Last night we had people working in all of the different stages of window making AND I remembered and used my camera. These are just some of the pictures. You can see all of them on my Bear Hollow Creations page on Facebook Lyndel's Bearhollow Creations
Cut out, ready to put together.

Cutting zinc for the outside edges.

Putting it together with lead between the pieces of glass.

Fluxing each joint so the solder will stick.


Double checking all the joints to make sure they look good.

Washing off the flux.

Cleaning with whiting.

The final polishing.

Tomorrow - finished products!

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Jean Levert Hood said...

Some awesome works there, Lyndel! Looks like a great group!