Thursday, January 7, 2010

How Are They Different - The Answers

Way back in December I posted about Christmas.

and at the end of the post I asked if you could tell the differences between these two pictures.

Some of you played along and sent in your guesses about how these two pictures are different, but most of you just read it and answered to yourself. So you may be wondering if you guessed correctly.
The most obvious difference to me is that in the first picture I am wearing a top hat and in the second one I'm not. The lighting is different. Someone guessed correctly - I think it was Alyssa - that the microphones are different. In the second one I'm standing in front of "the Tree."
Aunt Di Di in her guess mentioned that the little boy was cute and stole the show, (and of course I think she is correct) but she also knows the difference is that the first picture here is of me and Gibson at FBC, Joelton and the second one is six years later and is of me and Beau. And believe it or not, I could have taken the same picture 30 years earlier with their dad and it would look like the same little boy! (I think I have aged at least a little bit in 30 years. Hahaha!)

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Brenda said...

Well, I missed this but I knew the answer too!