Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Many Wednesdays?

I end up counting the amount of time to an event by how many Wednesdays we have before the particular event takes place. I usually start a big Christmas tree countdown with a picture of a big tree ten weeks before "the Tree." I'll have ten ornaments on the tree with the dates of the Wednesdays on each ornament and then each week take off or cross out one of the ornaments so we can see how close we are getting. Ten weeks out seems like a very short time before the tree.
Passion Play 2008

Passion Play 2008

We only have ten Wednesdays before The Passion Play. Well, actually ten Wednesday rehearsals. We miss a Wednesday or two because of some church-wide events.

We may check on having the choir excused from one of these. Ten weeks is short for the time before "the Tree" and it is very short before "The Passion Play."


Passion Play 2008

if you are in the choir at Hilldale Baptist Church in Clarksville, TN (or want to start getting involved) NOW IS THE TIME to be in rehearsal. We'll sing some of the Passion Play music tonight.

Rehearsals start at 6:30. I'll be looking for you tonight!

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