Monday, August 17, 2009

Where the Devil Is

Hahaha. You know the old saying - "The Devil is in the details." Well, if you have ever looked at my quotes on facebook you'll see that one of my favorite quotes is "The Devil's not in the details, he's in the sound system." I may have heard that from someone else, but I don't remember that, so I've attributed the quote to myself.

I guess we have a short in one of the channels or perhaps it is going out.
Oh, for my readers around the world, here's what happened yesterday. I had perhaps the biggest choir of the summer up in the loft for our first service (8:30!) and we were singing with a track yesterday. We don't sing with a track every week, but yesterday's song had a great track.
So it was time for the choir number and I was waiting - patiently - wondering why they hadn't started the track thinking - "Oh! this is taking too long. start the track, start the track, start the track!" when all of the sudden loud voices started singing!
The track is a split track CD with instruments on the left and voices on the right.
"Oh no! I know I remember telling the sound guy to turn off the right and just play the left!" I thought to myself.
Well... I won't bore you with all of the details if you weren't there, but long story short - we didn't get it to work first service. After a few failed attempts we just went on with the service. The service was still nice, I just was very disappointed that the big choir didn't get to sing by themselves.
As you've read before from me, God Loves Choirs!
Sorry, I've distracted myself. Going back to the original point. We think there is a short in one of the buttons or in the channel because between services we just touched one of the knobs on that channel and we could hear the track. We'll test it this week and see if we need to move the CD input to a different channel.
Life is sometimes like a mixing board. It looks like you have everything set just right and all the right buttons pushed or not pushed (depending on what you need to have happen) and yet still things go wrong. The first thing we want to do is assign blame and then we want to know "WHY?"
I don't think either of those is the correct response. Rather than trying to find someone to blame or asking God "why did you let this bad thing happen?" our response should be to find out how God can use this for our good or for His glory. It's not really about you, you know. It's about Him.
Here are some questions you may wish I hadn't asked, but you should try to answer them honestly the next time the devil shows up in your sound system, or car, or workplace or school or ______.
Does your reaction point people to Jesus or does it make people want to avoid you the next time something bad happens in your life.
Do you continue on in faith knowing God is greater than your circumstances or do you look for a rock to sit on where you can have a little pity party?
Would friends and family who don't know the Lord have any reason to want a relationship with God if your reaction was the only witness they had of a person walking by faith?
Have a great week.
Keep your eyes open for the "roaring lion" and walk by faith and not by sight.

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