Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Amazing Numbers

I just sent this out in one of our e-Inchoirer newsletters, but I figured everyone is waiting with great anticipation - wanting to know how our "I Sing, You Sing, We All Sing for Choir" (and Ice Cream) contest is going.

I couldn't believe it when I added up the numbers!

Here is where the the score in our I Sing, You Sing, We All Sing for Choir contest was last Wednesday before choir.

Soprano - 2950
Alto - 2810
Men - 2740

Last week we had double points for choir rehearsal. The altos had three visitors (and somehow through the contest we started counting visitors' scores like new member scores) so the altos got 600 points and the score became this:

Soprano - 3310
Alto - 3410
Men - 3020

The altos took the lead!
But then Sunday came - and again we doubled the score ('cause the contest is almost over.)
Here are the points earned
Soprano - 420
Alto - 320
Men - 360

which gives us these totals:
Soprano - 3730
Alto - 3730
Men - 3380

We have a tie!

Tonight is the final night. We'll double the points one last time. Who will come out on top and win the I Sing, You Sing, We All Sing for Choir (and Ice Cream) contest?

Call your friends and get them to choir tonight. It's going to be a close contest!!

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