Monday, August 3, 2009

Contest Heads Toward the Final Days

Contest info:
We have one more Wednesday and one more Sunday for each team to rack up some extra points.
Since it is the end, we're going to double the points for this Wednesday - which means 20 for each person in attendance and 100 for new members! and we'll double them again next Sunday.

The score

sopranos altos men
Last Total 2310 2280 2210
29-Jul 200 150 130
2-Aug 440 380 400
New total 2950 2810 2740

(sorry, can't get these numbers to line up correctly on blogger)

Yes! There were 22 sopranos in attendance Sunday which - with double points - gave them 440 points!
It's still any one's game. Call your missing friends. Invite someone new to join you. Let's start the Fall singing season with a BIG choir!

Oh, speaking of the Fall schedule… August 26 is our annual Christmas Preview Party and September 18-19 is our Christmas retreat. It's not too late to sign up! Put these dates on your calendar and we'll see you then!

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