Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where've You Been?

Is where've a proper contraction? (I don't think so.) (But we say it that way. at least here in the South.)

Anyway, wow! I don't remember ever being this long between posts on our Worship Blog. I definitely needed at least Monday off, and then Tuesday and Wednesday flew by and now... here it is Thursday already. I have to run on over to the church building for a children's handbell rehearsal in about 5 minutes, but I did want to post quickly to give you some things to look forward to on here in the next day or two.

1. We'll have a new poll to vote on your favorite scene from the Passion Play. I know - too difficult to chose just one.
2. Some pictures and comments form the Passion Play.
3. a couple of posts in my head about how cool creation is and how marvelous and creative God is in His creations - with pictures from Bear Hollow to demonstrate.
4. Sunday's order of worship. And maybe a video to help you practice before you come.

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