Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shofar - Show Good

The title is a nice quote from today on Facebook.

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that I needed a shofar. Here are some of the responses I received. Names have been removed to protect the guilty.

at 9:12am April 8
Shofar Sho good.

at 9:20am April 8
What, they don't have a Shofar-Mart in Nashville?

at 10:00am April 8
get on they have a great selection!

at 10:01am April 8
I just noticed someone else made that joke too, sorry to waste everyones time.

at 11:12am April 8
Ok, what the heck is a shofar????

at 12:16pm April 8
Thank you Brenda!

at 12:20pm April 8
Thank you! I was beginning to think I was the only one who didn't know what that is!

Me at 12:54pm April 8
hahaha! A shofar is a ram's horn trumpet that the Israelites would blow as a call to worship or call to battle or I suppose any time they needed a trumpet sound.

Here's what wikipedia has to say

continuing on...
at 1:00pm April 8
oooooooooooooooohh. Brenda and are now in the Know!

at 1:14pm April 8
LOL! Hey, check the Mexican restaurants. Seems I have seen bull horns hanging around! LOL!

at 1:21pm April 8
Hey, I shot my eclectic friend an email to see if she has one. she has all kinds of weird things like this. I will call her when school lets out.

Cheryl's office helped out too!

"Think I found a shofar for you. This guy down the street has a real nice limo if you want to borry it."
"I have a powder horn."
"Thought I had one in my purse, but now I can't find it. "
"Had one right here in my hip pocket... right here... thought it was right here... well, I don't know what happened to it!"
"I have some deer antlers. you could rattle them instead of blowing through them! that would be different : - ) "

If you'd like to hear a shofar click here Listen to the three different types of shofar sounds

Then today I mentioned that I now had two shofars and a shofarist (I may have made that word up) and got this great response

at 8:31am April 9
shofar, show good.

Thankfully Rose's son-in-law actually has and plays a shofar and he will be there tonight!

The one I was expecting earlier in the week showed up at my house today. Notice how lovely it looks in the dining room. I may just have to get one of my own!


Anonymous said...

A good rehearsal Wednesday night---Now, the easy part---worship!!

Brenda said...

I bet Cheryl would love one of those to decorate with!!! I bet it would really help the sale of you house too! NOT!!!! LOL!
Glad you have one now!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found a "shofar & shofarist"!
Now we will not be wandering like the Israelites in the foyer. We would confuse the "red coat people".