Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Art Project - Family Pics part 1

Our Family Art Project was several weeks ago. Somehow I had thought it wouldn't matter to do the art project a few weeks before Easter and the Passion Play. I'm not sure where my brain was when I put this on the calendar!

So now, after Easter is over and my statewide tour with the chorale is past, I actually have a little spare time to blog about it.
The Family Art Project was SOOOOO much fun! There were so many creative ideas around the room that day. While I was driving across Tennessee with the chorale I made some collages of each family that participated. You'll notice there are a few pictures of the painting in progress and then the family posing around the finished product. I'm not using names on most because I know a lot of people don't want their names published out here on the WorldWideWeb.

I love the circles on this one. One of the girls suggested they use the bottom of their cup do make them.

This family used the aluminum pan as a palette to mix their paint. They also made this dish of orange paint with gold mixed in. See it shine?!

Jerry and Phyllis really enjoy all of the art projects here. They made stained-glass windows and did water color painting with me last Summer. Now they have joined Hilldale's photography club. (You may recognize Phillis as the winner of our 20,000th hit prize see that post here )

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