Sunday, January 8, 2012

150 Days of Psalms - Psalm 8

Star gazing is a great thing to do. Seeing the glory of the night sky reminds us of how great God is and how small we are.

I love looking at the stars out here in the country on Hickory Point. There aren't any city lights to mess up the view.

It will probably be cloudy tonight, but if it's clear you should go out tonight and take a look. There are two very bright stars to be seen in early January this year (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. This won't be correct information for my Brazilian friends.). Whenever you are out, the bright star farthest West is Venus. I think Venus is setting a little after 7:00, so don't wait too late to go look... The bright star following the moon is Jupiter. Gorgeous!

The Majesty and Glory of Your Name is an absolutely gorgeous anthem based on the text of Psalm 8.

Even knowing that God had placed all things in creation under man's feet. His response wasn't "wow.. Look how cool it is to be part of mankind. No. He ends the Psalm the way it began - praising God.

9 O LORD, our Lord, How majestic is Your name in all the earth !


Phyllis Hobson said...

What a wonderful psalm of praise! I love the way it is phrased, and it begins and ends with the words to that song we sing....

I am awed that God created all this, the wonders of the stars and heavens (and I took a part of a semester in astronomy, it was fascinating), and then put us as the ones He created to have a relationship with Him.

I also take from this that God put us in charge of His creation - to that end I really believe in respecting nature, in trying to keep the balance of animals and open areas, it gives me a totally great way to talk about God's creation when I do my volunteer work with rehabbing orphaned and injured wildlife (a lot of the people I work with are not Christians and have a more evolutionist world view). We are to take care of the creation God has blessed us with.

Anonymous said...

Oh that song!