Friday, January 6, 2012

150 Days of Psalms - Psalm 6

Have you ever done something and later realized that your actions had brought you a big bunch of troubles? There are always consecquences for sin. Sometimes they seem small and often they are quite large and not only affect us but those around us.

There isn't a sin listed here in this Psalm of David, but he seems to be saying that his problems are the result of God being angry with him for something he has done. According to my fancy Holman Christian Standard study Bible the early church fathers included this Psalm as one of the seven penitential psalms.

pen·i·ten·tial /ˌpɛnəˈtɛnʃəl/ adjective

formal : relating to the feeling of being sorry for doing something wrong : relating to penitence or penance

In other words, when you have sinned this is a good Psalm to say/pray/use as a means of confessing your sin and asking for forgiveness.
David asks for God to rescue him from his troubles (and from the consequences of his sin) based on God's faithful love.
This is the only way we obtain God's forgiveness and mercy - through His loving-kindness. Our sins are forgiven - not because of anything we have done (except to confess them) - but rather through the work of Jesus Christ.
The Apostle John worded it this way:
1 John 1:9 NASB

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

This is an echo of what David said in verse 9

The Lord has heard my plea for help;
the Lord accepts my prayer.

Do you have some sin you have been hanging on to? Do you need to turn away from it and ask for God's help and forgiveness? Well.... what are you waiting for?

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Phyllis Hobson said...

Okay, I had totally missed the parts about the remorse and regret that David put in the Psalm. What I had focused on was the notion that bad things happen to good people. As Pastor Robertson had mentioned when we studied Job, yes, there are times that it is a consequence of bad choices or behavior. But sometimes in the provision and knowledge that God has, we have stuff that comes into our lives that we can't put a "cause and effect" point to.

To that end, I have tried not to have a "why me" attitude, or one of "I need to know the purpose of why I'm going through this." I have never ascribed to the "health and wealth" gospel taught ("If you just believe, everything will go right!"). I appreciate your comments, Brother Lyndel, it gave me better insight to this Psalm.