Monday, March 1, 2010

My Preacher Missed Something Important (in yesterday's sermon)

Haha! I would never really just put up a post critical of my pastor's sermons, but I thought that might catch your eye and that you then might read my post.

My Sr. Pastor, Dr. Larry D. Robertson, is preaching a great sermon series from the book of Nehemiah. They are titled "What's the Difference?" You can hear them / see them on our church website.

Yesterday's sermon was "Rebuilding a Wall or Rebirthing a Witness." It was taken from Nehemiah 7 and a verse or two from Nehemiah 11.

So... as we read some verses from Nehemiah 7 I saw something very important that he left out.

OK. I know when you are preaching through a book of the Bible that you can't mention everything or you would never finish. There are so many wonderful truths in the Bible we can study it every day and each day the Holy Spirit shows us more truth about God, ourselves, etc. etc.

I'm not criticizing Bro. Larry at all. It's just fun to say "he missed something" because he always has such wonderful sermons.

Here's what I saw. Nehemiah 7:1
"Now when the wall was rebuilt and I had set up the doors, and the gatekeepers and the singers and the Levites were appointed,"

Here's what I see. The wall was rebuilt so it was important to get some people in place. The most important positions to fill would naturally be the first ones filled and the ones mentioned.

Look at the list again. Gatekeepers - really important for protecting the city. Levites (the priests) - really important for taking care of the sacrifices and teaching scripture.
Did you see the other group mentioned?  The singers!

I've said this many times and this verse just says it again. God loves choirs. God loves for His people to sing His praises. The musicians who lead in worship have always been important: just as important as protecting the city, just as important as the sacrifices. It was the singers full-time job to be singers in the temple - to practice together, to develop their skills, to lead in worship, to BE worshippers.

The biggest choir we should have every week is our congregation as we sing together. But more importantly is the need for trained musicians (instrumentalists and singers) to lead in worship. People who will spend time each week in rehearsal so they bring their very best to worship Sunday by Sunday.

For those of you who have answered God's call to sing in a choir - hooray for you! (I know some of my readers live other places besides Clarksville. Thank you for singing in your local church choir.)

For those of you who used to sing in a choir but for one reason or another have sort of dropped out - this is the perfect time to get back in choir.


Brenda said...

I noticed that part right away when we were reading that too! Love the cartoon!

Joyce Bell said...

You have great spiritual insight. That's what makes you such a great minister of music and not just a great musician.