Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm attending a wonderful conference at Ridgecrest this week - the Blueridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. From the keynote speaker last night through the classes and seminars and speakers and devotions and lunches with faculty and on and on it has already been incredible. All of my creative juices are being renewed and invigorated. There's a bounce back in my step that I had almost lost.

We have a time of worship in the morning and in the evening before a devotion and a keynote speaker. The lady leading it is Lynn DeShazo. She's an alto. It's kind of nice singing with an alto instead of a loud high tenor - no offense intended to loud high tenors. :-)

Last night we sang the beautiful new hymn Ancient Words. What I didn't realize until tonight was Ms. DeShazo is the writer of this beautiful song! You can read what she has to say about writing it here -

It's going to be a wonderful week. I hope Cheryl can stand being with me as I get all wound up this week! I'll try to keep Twittering so you can get some of the highlights. You can see my reaction to tonight's supper over there on the sidebar with Twitter updates. The food will be the only thing that will make this seem like a long week.

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