Friday, May 15, 2009

Homeschool Handbells Play

Last weekend was the CHARA talent show. CHARA is Hilldale's homeschool association.
There was singing, and recitation of long passages of scripture (very impressive), piano playing, dancing, karate and - my favorite - the new homeschool handbell choir. Everyone did a great job.

This was a fun part. Mr. Brown is getting these two boys in place for the next part of their demonstration.
"Don't look up!" was his instructions.

Oh! Here's why!

The handbell choir did a great job. Aren't they cute? They've only been playing for a few months.

After they played I told a little about English handbells as the stage was being rearranged.

Here's a video of their playing. My video card ran out before the song did.

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