Saturday, September 3, 2011

We're in Porto - Ready to Get Busy!

We arrived safe and sound in Porto after spending 26 hours in three planes and four airports took a couple of metro lines and well, now I'm kinda falling asleep so I don't really remember...
But anyway, everything was fine on the way over.

The weather in Porto is gorgeous! Highs are in the low - maybe mid 70s. A gentle breeze blows in from the Atlantic.

We had an interesting lunch at the food court in the mall that is connected to our hotel.

This evening we had a wonderful dinner at our missionaries' home and a time of orientation where we talked about schedule for the week and learned some about the Portuguese people and culture.

Tomorrow I will be preaching at two churches. I'm going to try to get on line at least for a minute each day so I can let you know what's happening and how you can join us in prayer. So the main thing to pray for tonight and tomorrow is for me as I prepare to preach and preach and play the violin. I may even end up playing handbells for them because one of the churches has a set of bells - they may be the ones that FBC, Clarksville brought years ago - and they are wanting to hear them. (My plans now are to bring a handbell choir here in 2013.)

Our feet are tired, our sitting area is VERY tired and hopefully very soon I will be off of this and in bed soon.

Tomorrow I will try to get my camera and computer to talk to each other (they haven't in the past) and I'll put some pictures on here.

Other team members are putting pictures and things on facebook, so look there.

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