Friday, July 1, 2011

The Proverbs Challenge -Day 31 - WonderWoman!

This is the last day of our Proverbs Challenge. I hope you will continue to read not only Proverbs, but all through the Bible in the days and months ahead.

Oh my! I got tired just ready all about the woman in Proverbs 31. Is that even posible for one person to do? I don't think so. She gets up before the sun and feeds everyone works, buys, sells, plants, and more during the day and then stays up half the night still doing stuff. This might be the only way to actually do so much!

30 Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain,

But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.

Now THAT is doable. Perhaps Lemuel knew a woman who could bring homethe bacon and fry it up in a pan. Oh. I guess a good Jew wouldn't do that... but you know what I mean. But my guess is that he was just conveying the idea that she worked hard and was resourceful. But the bottom line is verse 30.

Since I am doing this Bible study with a couple of younger guys,(we e-mail each other about the chapter after we read it) my emphasis from this chapter would be How can we as men be the kind of man that a woman like that would want to be with us. Are we hard workers? Are we resourceful? Would we be a man at the city gate? (a place of honor) Do we also fear the Lord?

I pray we all can become more godly, wiser, etc. all the things we've seen in Proverbs this month. kWe probably need to read it again!

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