Thursday, July 14, 2011

Expectations - and music for July 17

If you are familiar with FaceBook you know that those who have pages there have a place where they can list favorite songs, movies or books. They can also put up their favorite quotes.

Last night I remembered one of my favorite quotes that I put there.

"We get along great now that I've lowered my expectations." (You can go to my FaceBook page to see who I quoted.)

I thought of it because I was pulling into the parking lot of Ryan's. Please don't see this as a slam on Ryan's. It's a whole lot better than fast food places but in all honesty, it's no Olive Garden. But as long as I wasn't expecting Olive Garden it was great.

What does that have to do with worship? Expectations work both ways. If you expect something to be something it can't be, you will be disappointed. If you expect local church musicians to sound like the latest greatest band in concert then you will probably be disappointed. If you expect your church musicians to help you focus on God and your focus is on seeing Him you won't be disappointed, you'll see God.

We take from worship what we bring to worship - what we expect to get from it.

We should be expecting to meet with our great God, the Creator of the universe, our merciful Savior full of grace and truth, our Comforter and Healer, our mighty King...

I'm afraid that many times we come expecting to hear some good music and a good sermon. And hopefully more often than not we DO hear some good music and a good sermon... but did we see God? Did we hear His voice? Did we spend time in His presence? Did we commune as friend with Friend?

Let me encourage you as you attend a worship service this week - whether with us a Hilldale or at your church where you usually attend - to enter worship expecting to meet with God. Expect to hear His voice. Expect to worship Him. Don't expect to be entertained by the music, expect it to offer you words and melodies that you can join in singing to express your love, devotion, adoration, gratitude, etc.

If you come to Hilldale at 8:30 or 9:45 you can join us in singing these songs. Come expecting to see God.

Lord, Reign in Me

Everlasting God

Choir Anthem – Power of the Cross (See the Chains Fall)

Fellowship song – Hallelujah - Your Love is Amazing
At The Cross
The Old Rugged Cross
The Power of the Cross

Special music – Josh Ford – Lay ‘Em Down

Here's Kristin Getty singing "The Power of the Cross" that her husband Keith wrote with Stuart Townend.

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