Monday, October 5, 2009

Nashville Praise Symphony

A Press Release

THE NASHVILLE PRAISE SYMPHONY will play a concert on Sunday, October 11 at 5:00 PM at Hilldale Baptist Church,
2001 Madison St., in Clarksville TN 37040. The concert is free, but an offering will be received to benefit the Ft. Campbell Fisher House, a special place which assists wounded veterans and their families ( ).

The NPS is a 50-piece orchestra made up of some of the finest church musicians in middle Tennessee, and directed by well-known conductor and arranger, Mr. Camp Kirkland. The orchestra plays a variety of classical and popular music, plus arrangements of hymns and praise songs. The concerts are designed to be worshipful as well as entertaining.
Well... I guess you can tell I didn't write that. Boring!
Here's the deal. This is a great event for Clarksville! The Nashville Praise Symphony puts on a great concert that is fun, has some great music and also some wonderful times of worship as the music helps you worship and praise the Lord.
Their director is the famous Camp Kirkland - known all over the world as a great choral and instrumental arranger. Our choir sings songs he has written all of the time.
I told David Winkler, their pianist and arranger that I'd love to play with them some time but that it was difficult to add another rehearsal every month to my schedule - and get this! - he sent me the music and I'm going to play with them this Sunday night! How fun is that? Well, at least it's fun for me! I know you will really enjoy the concert and at the right moment you can holler out. "Hooray for Bro. Lyndel! Look at him play that fiddle!"
I'm really excited about how this concert will benefit the Ft. Campbell Fisher House.
Invite all of your army friends to come support the Fisher House this Sunday night.
See you then.

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Anonymous said...

Saw the instrument poll. How come trombone (or even tuba) did not make the list?