Friday, October 9, 2009

Great Opportunity - Copy of E-mail 10-9-09

Sometimes my e-mails don't go through. If you read this blog regularly you have seen some posts about that.

So... just to make sure the message is getting out... here is a copy of an e-mail I just sent to the choir. If you aren't in choir you may find it somewhat informative or you can just click on to something else. If you are in choir you should read it just in case the e-mail doesn't make it to your inbox.

Just a quick reminder about Sunday night.

This is a GREAT opportunity for us. Churches all across Middle Tennessee have tried to get the Nashville Praise Symphony to come to their church for a concert and for the chance for their choir to sing with them. But we are one of the few churches who will actually get to hear them and sing with them.

The NPS has members from churches all across the state (mostly middle TN) and some that even come in from other states. I'm excited that they will get to see our church and hear you all sing.

If you work in AWANA I'm sure the other workers will be happy to cover for you since they will want us to be at our very best. We have been advertising on the radio and the Fisher House has been telling people about the concert, so we should have several guests. Let's let them see a big, wonderful choir. I'm sure you'll want to have your children in there too since this is a once-in-many-years event. How often do your children get to see a live orchestra?

So we will look nice without wearing robes, we're going to wear black and white. We will sit in the congregation (so you can sit with your spouse and your children) and then we will move to the choir loft toward the end of the program.

We will go over our songs ("Let the Worshippers Arise" and "Our God Saves") at 4:30. Come a little early so we can begin singing at 4:30.

Don't forget that we will be sharing a snack supper with the orchestra immediately after the concert. Lil Smith had sign up sheets Wednesday night for sandwiches and desserts. She can tell you what we need if you didn't get to sign up.

See you Sunday!

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