Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last Night's Choir

We had a great time in choir last night. We had prizes, sang some great songs and then everyone surprised me with birthday balloons, cake and cards!

How fun!

There's usually someone who sort of slips up and lets me know something is up, but this time I was surprised. Thanks!

And what could be more fun than eating birthday cake with a bunch of folks who are too afraid to leave because of the tornado sirens going off? Hahaha!

Here is the score so far.

Oh, first off. If you weren't here you don't know that Bro. Tim has decided he wants to be in on the contest. He can't get points for being in choir, but he can get points for inviting people. He had two new choir members there last night, so he already has 100 points!
The altos did REALLY well last night, so everyone else has some catching up to do!

So here is the score:

Sopranos - 450
Altos - 610
Men - 390
Tim - 100

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