Thursday, June 19, 2008

Choir Rehearsal at the FLC

I don't know about you all, but I thought rehearsal worked out very well at the FLC. I wasn't really sure how it would actually sound in that big room and if we could see and hear and get our music and carry over a keyboard and all of those things... but it was great. At least where I was standing you all sounded wonderful. And I guess you all had missed choir as much as I have because we had:

17 Sopranos
24 Altos
14 Tenors
7 Basses

62 Total

Thanks for being in rehearsal.

I worked very hard to remember to put my camera in my car so I could have pictures of our first night out there. And I DID remember to put my camera in my car. Unfortunately, that is the last time I thought about it. Perhaps we'll get some pictures next week...

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Brenda said...

Choir was fine at the FLC. Alittle bit of distractions with the kids classes in the back of the room.
The only thing I really didn;t like was not being able to smile at everyone, and see everyone. I am so used to that half circle in the choir room, that I hate looking at everyone's backs. I know, I am just nosey, but I like seeing all the sweet faces of my friends!