Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Psalms Challenge

Last June I challenged you all to read a chapter from Proverbs each day during June. A lot of you followed along and some - (Yay Phyllis!) left comments.

Now I want to try something a little more demanding - a Psalm a day for 150 days! That's almost 5 months. It will be May 29 when we reach Psalm 150! Some Psalms will require some time to read (Psalm 119) and one (Psalm 117) is only 2 verses long.

I'm going to blog - this is the really demanding part that I will have to work hard at to accomplish - every day. Don't expect something like this.

The Treasury of David - a 3 volume set of commentary on the Psalms by Charles Spurgeon.

I'm not claiming that I'll write something profound every day, (something Spurgeonesk) but I do expect each day that God will show me something - about Himself, about myself, about worship in the local church, about how to live life - whatever. I'll write at least a little something every day (that's the plan) and perhaps a lot on some days. I hope all of you will read along with me and that many of you will leave comments as to how God spoke to YOU through that day's Psalm.

We'll start tomorrow! Are you with me?


Phyllis Hobson said...

I'd like to try that - I love the Psalms, they have so much emotion in them. Don't know if I'll post everyday, but I'll check in with your postings....

Melissa S said...

I'm joining! Just a few days late!