Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Painting Class

We had so much fun yesterday painting hydrangeas. I really enjoyed teaching the class. I'm going to put the painting I did yesterday as part of the demonstration on eBay and if it sells the money from that will go to our mission trip too.

Here's a cool video of our class showing a little of the process and some of the finished pictures. (Next time I need to have an official photographer. We were all a little busy painting to take pictures.)


Kelley said...

When are you going to do this again?? I think it should become a regular activity!!! Maybe a cross next time???

Brenda J said...

I sooooo wish I hadn't gotten sick! What a fun group you had there and they all did so well!

Brenda J said...

I sooooo wish I hadn't gotten sick. I wanted to come so badly!
Looks like a fun group. And they all did so well. I agree with Kelley, we should do this often!