Friday, March 13, 2009

A Really Big Bell

I posted - a few posts ago - about the handbell festival our handbell choir went to here in Middle Tennessee.

Two weeks before that Cheryl and I went to East Tennessee for their handbell festival. Hannah and Benjamin went with us.
I wanted you all to see this bell! The handbell choir from FBC, Sevierville has 6 octaves of bells! (or is it 7 octaves? I'm thinking 7. I should look it up. Yep - if you have bells down to C2 you have 7 octaves.)
The bell in this picture is a C2 which means it is 3 octaves below middle C! Wow! It is made out of aluminum instead of brass because the bells are too heavy when they are that big and made of brass. (Notice the adorable grandchildren.)

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Tracy E. Lilly said...

"The Richard Steuben of Handbells"!

Richard Steuben sings bass for the Oak Ridge Boys, just in case you don't listen to country. He has the deepest voice I have ever heard.