Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Make a Scene

I don't think I've ever REALLY "made a scene." You know, like in a restaurant when the service is less than wonderful or the food is burnt.
I wouldn't call what happened a few weeks ago a "scene", but I did embarrass our waiter a few Sundays ago. We went to Logans (YUMM) for Sunday lunch with some friends. Our waiter said, "You look familiar." (Actually he was about the third person that day to say that - hooray for being on TV every week - and he said that he had been to Hilldale before.)

Anyway... he was a big strong guy, so later when he brought us our sweet tea I asked him if he had ever done any acting. He hadn't, but wanted to know why I asked. I told him I needed a few more soldiers for the Passion Play. He seemed half-way interested, or at least flattered that I'd asked, but knew he would have to work those evenings.

So technically I didn't make a "scene", but some of those with me (including my lovely wife) were thinking they might come without me next time. I figured it didn't hurt to ask.

All of that to say, "I need YOU to make a scene." Or at least a scene rehearsal or two. Here's the schedule. (I had the scedule here, but it wouldn't enlarge. Notice that if you click it - up there at the top of this post - it will enlarge where you can read it.)

The yellow part is an explanation of the scenes. The Groups (A,B,C,&D) are choir members put together for ease of staging. You'll need to check your e-mail to see which group you are in. Those nights will not be long practices, but they are important because we will walk each group through the Passion Play so you know where to stand and what to do in each scene. I know you'll make every effort to be there. Thanks.

Notice the Sunday night rehearsals immediately following the evening worship service. The youth choir will join us for a short rehearsal each of those nights so we can mix them in with the adult choir and go through a scene.

It's going to be a great Passion Play this year. Thanks for being a part of it. If you are one of our readers from across the country or around the world, fly on over and see us - April 9-11.

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