Monday, February 4, 2013

A New Blog

Hilldale's High School Handbell Choir is going to Portugal in June. We'll be playing in schools and churches and using those events as opportunities to share our faith.

One of the things we will be doing is handbell flash mobs. How fun is that?! We'll enter a courtyard or plaza from several directions "randomly" ringing bells and then when we all get to the center and have a good-sized crowd we'll play "Amazing Grace." This should draw a big crowd. Then we will give away CDs we are going to make (I'll give you all an opportunity later to help pay for them.) and give out fliers advertising an evening or next day concert.

I'm VERY excited about the CDs. We are going to record several songs. The missionaries in Portugal (Andy and Michelle Milam - you may have met them at our On Mission Conference last May if you attend Hilldale) are going to have people from the churches around Porto record either the Roman Road or some sort of Gospel presentation that we will include on the CD in between the songs. This way, if a person accepts a free CD they will not only hear beautiful handbell music, but he/she will then hear the Gospel in Portuguese and will have the address of a local Baptist Church that they can contact.

The CDs will be free to give away because you all - for a simple $15 gift - will get a CD for yourself but will also pay for three or four more.

Last night I had this thought - I figure it was the Lord speaking to me because I don't really do much thinking at 3:30 AM - that I should include on the CD a website for people to visit. So today I began a blog. You can see it at This blog will have posts by our handbell choir where they will talk about the music or give their personal testimony or something like that. This is simply another way to get the Gospel out to the people of Portugal. There is already a link on that blog that gives you "The 4 Spiritual Laws" in Portuguese. I will add other similar links.

The first post on the blog is how our handbell choir got our name "Rezounding Praize."

Check it out, begin praying for our mission trip, buy a CD when they come out and we'll share blog posts before we go and then report back on the great things God was able to do in Portugal.

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