Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How We Do Things 'round Here

Last Friday night there was a Home School Talent Show in the Sanctuary.
The kids were great. A lot of talent!!

Afterwards Bro. Tim said, "Bro. Lyndel! The exit signs are still covered up from the Passion Play."
We cover them up because
1. it's very difficult to exit out those doors with the set and
2. there's something wrong about watching the crucifixion with a big red EXIT sign
glowing in the background behind the cross.
"I'll go get a ladder."
"No. Just sit there on the rail and I'll carry you over and you can pull the cardboard off."
So I agreed. Bro. Tim and I always work so well together and always have a fun time!

So I got on Tim's shoulders and he carried me over to the "exit" sign.

TA DA! Got it.

I thought he would take me back to the rail.
Oh! Nope. He headed across to the other side!

He was hollerin' "Hold still!"
"Stop leaning!"
"Your tie is in my eyes! I can't see!"

I was just trying to stay balanced so I didn't fall off while he lumbered across the floor!

Almost to the other side.

Working on the other sign, hoping I don't fall and kill myself.
Bro. Tim is panting and I'm afraid he's about to have a stroke!

Got it! And he held me steady. (I thought he was going to drop me.)
Such strength!

Back to the rail.

Mission accomplished.
And now you know...

That's how we do thing 'round here!

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Romans 10:15 said...

encore performance of the "circus act" on sunday after offering :)