Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Little Inspiration - Smile

It's sometimes difficult to smile when you are up in a choir loft. (We have video to prove it. hahaha.) If you are in my choir you'll often see me mouth the words "smile, your still on camera!"

I was sent a video the other day that shows just a little of what we are looking for on a Sunday morning so that our choir looks great on camera. Be sure and watch to the end (or fast forward if you have a short attention span) because it has a really cool ending!

Don't forget choir rehearsal tonight at 6:30. We'll sing some Christmas music tonight as well as get ready for the next few Sunday mornings.


Alyssa said...

Great Barbershop! I was once a "Barbershopper". I'm sending this to my dad. He's in a barbershop chorus.

Brenda said...

I think we will HAVE to ditch the robes and chairs for those kinds of moves!

dianec74 said...

Loved it! I will definitely be sending it on to others!