Thursday, June 12, 2014

8 things that may surprise you about Divine Appointments

I just saw that my last post was in February just before our football mission trip to Portugal. That's interesting because it was a mission thought that prompted me to post here tonight.

Oh, and I've noticed that people love reading those bloggers who post "9 things about this that will surprise you" or some other list - so I'm going to number the paragraphs below so you'll want to read all of them. hahaha. Then I'm going to change the title of my blog from "Divine Appointments" to ____ things that may surprise you about Divine Appointments. hahaha

1. When we go "on mission" we talk about "divine appointments." I've always noticed such things, but it may have been Andy and Michelle Milam who helped put the term "divine appointments" in my vocabulary. I don't really remember... but we do talk about that each time a take a group with me to Portugal.

2. We're fixin' to (for my friends in Colorado, that means "getting ready to" here in the South) anyway, we're fixin' to go on mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've talked a little about this to my mission team, but will more as we arrive and make preparations for each day.

3. A "divine appointment" is what we call it when someone comes your way and you strike up a conversation and are able to have a spiritual conversation of some sort. Hmmmm. Writing it like that doesn't sound very interesting or like it's any big deal, but it is! Your just sorta talking to someone when all of the sudden you realize that God sent this person your way just so you could mention that one thing that got their interest in spiritual things and they respond in a positive way and you can just tell that God is working in their life and you got to be a part of that.

4. The cool thing about divine appointments is that they don't just happen in other countries. God is at work everywhere - all of the time. We just pay better attention when we are on mission.

5. I had a divine appointment (a DA) tonight - at Food Lion (a grocery store chain in this part of the world). It happened in an odd, unexpected way - which is often the case with DAs. I had stopped for some ingredients for supper, gathered them up, checked out and on the way to the car remembered that I needed some sour cream. "I think I have some at home and I can get by without it." but I thought of my lovely wife and how she likes sour cream, so I put my groceries in my car and went back in.

6. I checked out for under $2. A lady that works there and knows me from TV and often says something was next to the girl checking me out. "I may bring mom to Hilldale this week. When she can't get to church she always watches you all. I think she'd like to see you in person." We talked a little about how we didn't check your card at the door and it was OK for a Methodist to come to a service. I told her I was playing the violin this week and she said her mom would love that. Nothing grand or exciting. But then the girl who checked me out said, "I may come to church Sunday too." And I said, "that would be great. I'll look for you Sunday."

7. Now that probably doesn't seem like a DA, but I know that it is. For me to suddenly care about sour cream and end up in this girl's line and for the other lady to mention Hilldale and tell the girl where the building is and who I am and all of that is just the kind of thing God does to get His message to someone.

8. Why would I blog about such a boring meeting in a grocery store? God doesn't only speak through burning bushes. He speaks in gentle ways too. We just have to follow His lead. Pay attention this week and see how many DAs you have. You'll probably be very surprised!